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Friday, January 20, 2012

I finally had time to sit down and read some of my favorite blogs. Seriously, one of the things that get's me really motivated to continue on with foster care instead of veering off into adoption, are these blogs! They remind me why we started. Maggie at Popp Life is one of the blogs that inspired me to look deeper into foster care, way back when. Seeing how messy it has been, how sad & hard, and how beautiful it has turned out for their family makes me more and more eager for that first...second...twentieth call.

And while we are on the topic, look what we got in the mail today:

Paperwork. Annual paperwork for our agency. Funny how we are having to renew everything before we are even done with the process! It's been that long, but we are so.close. to the end, I can "taste" it! We had our fire inspection yesterday, all was great. Health is on Wednesday then it's on! We are also heading to our first FPA meeting on Monday-hoping to meet other young foster parents ;)

On another note- it's... seven o clock on the dot..I'm in my drop top... Friday night, I'm sitting in front of the computer chomping on pretzel sticks (at least it's not chips, right?). All of my kids are asleep, my husband should be home any minute, oatmeal is in the crock pot for the morning, and my weekend is going to be the same as any normal weekday. Because everyone is off but my husband, not complaining, just saying.

Another article I wrote was posted on The Cloth Diaper Whisper , because I am slightly obsessed with the cuteness of cloth, and besides....who doesn't want to hear about how I store my dirty diapers before laundry day????!

I will leave you with this...
my sweet middle sister. Over the weekend we took big sister on a date, just her and mr and I. We were planning on taking middle next. Well last night, because my husband is pregnant too..he brought home pizza AND like 9pm! (and no, I did NOT call him and ask him too!) Middle just happened to be awake and snuggling with me, so I couldn't just tell her to go to bed after seeing all the wonderful carbs, calories and fat dad just brought us. We ate pizza, talked, ate cake, listened to her talk, drank a glass of milk, listened to her talk (she is quite the talker!) and she was finally about the hit the floor. We tucked our sweet girl in, and deemed it as our date night with her, she was happy. As a matter of fact the first thing she said when she woke up was "Hey Lie-lee! Wast night Mom & Dad let me stay up and we ate pizza and chocwate cake and I got to stay up". Love this girl.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

this & that

-Our fire inspection is, tomorrow! So we spent the day today making our fire escape plan and waiting around for maintenance to replace all 5 of our very expired smoke alarms. We are last minute people.

-We received an updated picture of our Compassion sponsored child, Bernardo, today!
He is getting so big, and pretty cute! He will be 9 years old on my birthday! (feb.9th)
We started sponsoring him when he was a skinny little 6 year old boy. He has blessed us SO much. We also discovered that Compassion "revamped" their writing to your child online section. Now you can pick a cute stationary to use, write your letter, AND upload pictures that will be printed out on the bottom of his letter. So much easier to get him pictures this way! Picking a second child is very, very tempting....

-This week and some of last has been filled with pinterest projects/cooking. I am hooked to that site. I've made basic bread, cinnamon bread, homemade laundry detergent, new homemade (yummy) snacks for the girls, and I've made great lunch ideas from there for Mr. I still have list's and list's of things to do from there!

-I am 21 weeks along, already! It's going by fast, it helps that I have three little girls keeping me busy :) I feel him rolling around and kicking, even having the hiccups already- I love it. We are so very excited to begin filling up his dresser with little boy blue's, red's, and green's...and by Mr.'s request...blacks. I've gained a whopping 19 lbs already...I actually cried in my doctors office when I found that out- she assured me it is fine and I am "right on target", but seriously...I wasn't planning on gaining that much weight for the ENTIRE pregnancy, I'm already there and I'm only half way along. Sigh. Other than that awful news- all is great. We are going to be doing Hypnobirthing this time around- and I am so very thankful for a wonderful OB and midwife who are so supportive and encouraging of our "birth plan" and wishes. Now, if only I can remember to study my books :)

-We are still very excited to (one day...) be welcoming foster kids into our home, and we are super happy that our inspections are being done now, we can start actually getting calls. We of course have no idea how this is all going to work out- 3 girls, a pregnant mom, a working dad, and 1-2 more kiddos coming at random times, for random amount of times...with possibly nothing but what's on their back and possibly many appointments to be scheduled and taken to. It doesn't make sense in our heads, but we know it's all going to work out somehow. Every child we welcome into our home will be here for a reason- God knows exactly what days, what times, what child and what mountains we will face with this, we are ready. More than ready, it has been over a year now!

-Oh, changes! We applied for big sister to go to our local charter school in the fall! Gasp! I know, a mom who actually cares about her children would never send them to school, and a public school at that! ;) Actually, I care about her so much I AM sending her, at least for now. Who knows, maybe we will LOVE it and all of my kids will go for all of their school years. Or maybe it's not all that great and we end up homeschooling later on. Whatever, we are open to each of our children's individual need. Schooling is not one size fits all, we have learned. Public school is not best for all children, homeschooling is not best for all children, and private school is not best for all children. Anyway- we will not know if she get's in until the first week of Feb. if she doesn't get it right away, we have to go to lottery...which is when they actually pick children's names out of a bucket. If your name is picked, you get in (limited space!). We are praying we just get in!!!! Pray with us, please?!

Other than all of the above, nothing much is going on. The girls are growing like weeds, speaking of growing, our compost bin is doing wonderfully and is filling up fast. Mr. is still the same, and all is well, God is good! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bringing in the new year/updates!

I finally have time to sit down and write, it's been a busy 4 days into the year already! Where do I begin? Goals for this year? My current frustrations? Prayer list? Current book I'm reading to bring in the new year? What is making me happy tonight? Let's go!


-Inspections done & out of the way.
-Small spring garden.
-Summer vacation to Lake Lure.
-Lose some baby weight, and of course give birth to a healthy, sweet baby boy!
-Cook! As in, all the time! I've been a total slacker the past few months with cooking and I am motivated to get back into it. I have my crock pot, kitchen aid, and lovely new le crueset wear ready to be used!
-Simplify our life-rid of unnecessary, wasteful excess.
-Organized, successful first half of big sister's Kindergarten year in the fall.
-Complete my one year through the bible reading plan (I love the youversion app!)
-Learn more, love more, give more, be more.

Current frustrations are also my prayer requests! Those two children we were told were coming to live with us, then a week later told maybe, then a few days later told no...still need prayer.
We were able to meet them this weekend- and it made me all the more frustrated and all the more confused as to what God is up too. We found out they rode here, from two states away, in the trunk of a small suv. Sigh, this was only one of the concerns and frustrations I have/had during our meet. I updated our private blog about it- if you are a reader, click on "our private blog" at the top and log in with your email address.

Pinned Image

Along with the one year bible plan, I am reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker and already starting to cut down on areas of excess in our life. Once I get through the book, I will be able to decide better which areas/things that will be, if we will be doing the same thing this family did or something different, logistics etc. For instance- they cut down their spending to only 7 key locations. In our town, 7 locations to spend money is a big shopping day! We can easily cut down our spending locations to 3 places- the gas station, grocery store, and our large chain retail store for the items we cannot get at the grocery store.

What made me happy tonight? Besides my first four loaves of homemade bread (ever!) baked and sitting on my counter?! My husband! He has an interview for a job he has been trying to get into since the spring. For the past few months his supervisor and bosses have been "hinting" to him that he was going to get it, and his sup. even said "he has it" but he couldn't "officially" tell him that- and they told him today that he is a great candidate for it and they want to interview him! (finally!) I'm so proud of how far he has come with this company since starting there just 3 years ago (this will be his second promotion!). I love, love how hard he works to better himself at whatever job he is doing, and love how he will not settle for anything less than he knows he is capable of! I'm so thankful for him- he makes me smile :)

And for some random photos-

The girls are bikeaholics.
They have each had one scrapped knee.

Such a middle sister look

And, I made pot roast for the first time ever (this has already been a year of firsts!) on New years day, it was so yummy! I also got to try my new lens on potatoes (of all things :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

looking back on 2011

Phew- God blows me away when I sit down and think about everything he has done in our lives/family in 2011! We are so grateful to have had a really wonderful year last year- and we are praying for many-many more!

January- We we're fingerprinted, background checked, and had our first home visit for our foster care license!


Picture of us waiting for our worker- something we have grown use to do doing! :)


I turned another year older (22!).

(& got a griddle! )

We started and finished our training for our license- and we moved!
22 Eagle Trace Court, Beaufort SC


We settled into our home, and little did we know we were beginning the "great wait" for everything else in our licensing process to move.

(look at my little baby!)


My BIG girl turned FOUR small years old...tear.

We took a min-vaca to the Great Wolf Lodge in NC


We had the opportunity to love on a family in a hard place. Writing this actually has me in tears, ugly cry tears- boy do I miss these little boys..

Still pray for these boy often- they made me realize just how hard "letting go" is.

Also- middle sister turned a big ole' 3 years old!!!!!!!!

May is also Foster Care Awareness month- so we got together with our church and hosted a foster care info. session.


The boys left- to another state. Super hard/sad day. Couldn't even watch them backing out from the drive.

The day they left

We had and passed our fire inspection for our license, and we took another mini-vaca to wild adventures for fathers day!


We had a wonderful 4th! Family and great friends with us, and we got to watch my cousin propose to his fiance under the fireworks!

We added THREE pets to our family

And I'm proud to say we still have all of them, alive!

Our little sister turned ONE year old!

Time flies...

We had our health inspection this month, and passed. We said good-bye to my best friend and her family as they moved to Okinawa

Miss them dearly- but so thankful we can still keep in touch daily!

We finished our future-foster-children's bedroom


We "officially" started homeschooling big sister

We signed the last of our paperwork for our foster care license, and it was sent out to the state!

My sweet husband turned 27!


We put our dog in a costume contest, as a chicken. He won 2nd place.

I got a treadmill, and started working out & dieting. Lost six pounds this month.

Hubby and I also celebrated our THIRD anniversary!


We found out & announced that we are expecting our fourth child!!!!

We got a call saying our home sold, asking us to move in two weeks. We did.

Can I just say...MY how the trees and plants have grown since this photo!

And, we "celebrated" Halloween


Thanksgiving! and we put up the tree/decorated it:


Festival of lights with good friends

We received our foster care license!!!!!

Had a wonderful Christmas

And found out we are having a sweet baby BOY!

Great, great, great year! So excited for what God has up his sleeve for 2012!